by Joseph Hemaidan

They say that no man can have any kind of contact with god, or any kind of spiritual being. To do this, it is said that you must be totally separated from reality and life itself to really achieve such a connection

But this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been tried before.

In 1983, a group of scientists conducted an experiment to try and establish contact with God. Their one and only test subject was an elderly man, insisting that he had “Nothing else to live for”. The first stage of the process was severing all of the senses, connected by nerves in the spine. After a delicate surgery, the subject was unable to smell, hear, taste, see, or feel. To keep him alive, though, the scientists made sure to keep all motor functions going. The subject was now completely alone with his thoughts.

The first day showed nothing of interest, only the test subject slurred sentences out of his mouth which he couldn’t hear. Then, 3 days passed, when the subject stated that he could hear the light, wavering voice of his deceased wife, speaking to him with strange tongues. The scientists believed this to be nothing but an illusion until the subject stated that he could hear and see passed relatives of some of the scientists. Again, the scientists doubted this to be real, until the subject started to ramble off information that only the deceased relatives and the scientists would know. Some of the scientists could not handle this kind of stress, and resigned from the project.  However, most of the other scientist maintained their unbreakable curiosity and continued to observe the subject.

A week passed when the subject started to complain. He stated that the voices were growing louder and louder, to the point where he would raise his palms to his unhearing ears. The day after, the subject begged for sedatives, hoping that sleep would drive the voices away. This was proven to be successful, but only for a short while, as the subject began to have night terrors.

Three days later, the subject began to yell and scream, throwing himself against the walls, hoping to feel some kind of sensation to bring him out of his unchangeable state. After hours of this, the subject began to claw at his unseeing eyes, trying to feel pain, screaming that the voices were overwhelming him with sadness and anger. At one point, the subject began to bite chunks of flesh off of his shoulders, forcing the remaining scientists to place the subject on a secured table.

The subject began to scream repeated phrases, such as “DARKNESS WILL COME, LIGHT IS GONE” for hours on end. Most of the scientists had left the experiment, with only 3 to continue to observe this horrifying experiment.

A day later, the subject became silent and still, blindly staring at the dim light of the test chamber with dulled eyes, an endless stream of tears crawling down his face. His body began to reject basic food and water intake, and the subject was marked to die in a matter of hours.

In the final minutes of his life, somehow, the subject looked directly into one of the remaining scientist’s eyes, a shaky breath escaping from his lips. In a clear voice, dark and rumbling, he stated,

“I have spoken to God, and he has abandoned us.”

The subject passed immediately after he stated the comment. The department of health decided to keep this failed test a secret, censoring all of the involved parties names, including the subject. In addition, it was made a rule to not condone this kind of horror on any human being for the gain of knowledge.